About us


About us

One Hundred Nine LTD. has been founded in 2005 in Kiev, Ukraine by a group of associates. The company initially used stretch ceilings produced in France and Germany. Gaining a significant market share the company decided to open its own production facility in Kiev in 2009 utilizing the best practices and using the advanced European machinery. Since then all products that we offer are of our own production, the products of the superb quality for acceptable cost. This change helped us to skyrocket both our recognition and our market share increasing our dealers’ network both in homeland and in EU by more than 100. Our expansion in Europe allowed us to register the EU representative office in Prague, Czech Republic in November 2014. We see the European market as a vast prospective area and we are aware about our capabilities to satisfy its volumes, aesthetic and quality demands both in private and corporate sectors.


Our business principles

  • Flexible individual approach to each client;
  • Professional service and customer care;
  • Constant development and introduction of new technologies and materials;
  • Use of the environmentally friendly materials;
  • Providing the complete cycle of service: from design and own manufacturing to the installation and follow-up support;
  • Complete responsibility for the materials and services provided with the best on the market warranty;
  • Fast order execution;
  • Experienced and professional staff involvement;
The guarantee of the best market price in our quality segment possibility to our clients based on the company’s overall high production volumes. During its existence, the brand “109” has gained the reputation of a reliable and honest partner who takes seriously its obligations and responsibilities to customers.

Our competitive benefits

  • own production
  • fast order fulfilment
  • free measurements & consultation
  • more than 160 colours choice & artistic ceilings
  • guarantee the lowest price in our quality segment
  • the widest foil width on the market
  • the best warranty on ceiling and its installation on the market

Our price policy


We 100% guarantee the best price in decent and affordable quality segment. We want you to afford our products, and be satisfied with our services and suggest us to your friends.


Learn us, compare us and work with us!*


*Did you know that there are only a few producers with such production volume as ours in the world? And did you know they will often charge you for the brand but not the quality?


This is the reality of our market…

Our warranty policy


We ensure you that you’ll receive not only the best price but the best warranty on the market (12 years).

Our materials and works quality


The materials we use in our ceiling production are fire-safe, ecologically friendly and will serve without changing their integrity and look for more than ten years.

Stretch ceilings history and technology


Stretched ceiling is a kind of suspended (secondary) ceiling that consists of PVC film (or fabric), attached to the walls with the help of aluminium or plastic profile. There exists two main types of the film fixing of the profile – harpoon or non-harpoon system. The ceiling edges at the place of fixture to the wall can be optionally covered with canticle. Stretch ceilings were used from the ancient times but the modern form they obtained in 60’s of the previous century in Sweden. The same constructions can be used not only for the ceiling but also for the walls.

Stretch ceilings vs. plasterboard ceilings


Only even and smooth ceiling will create a nice interior look and cozy atmosphere at your home. But if the ceiling looks clumsy and the owner spends additional planned and unplanned money on it, one can hardly be satisfied.

Nowadays, plasterboard ceilings are mostly used in the living spaces; and cassette ceilings – in the office environments. Luckily, new technologies are emerging, and the market is now able to offer better alternatives. Life always gives us the choice – to be overly conservative by choosing the ways that are becoming outdated, or to move on and to be open to more esthetic, practical and affordable solutions.



Suspended ceiling type



Montage duration (S=15 m2)

Color range

Room height loss




Multi-level use



4 h


4 cm


12 years




15 h


10 cm

every 3-4 years

2 years




20 h

(without painting)


5 cm

every 2-3 years

1,5 year



(1) Will hold up to 100 L/m2 of water in case of flooding from upper floors. It is capable of considerable premise protection, if the water has accumulated on the ceiling, it can be easily removed, the ceiling can be dried up and put back without any damage. No fungi or mold will appear on the ceiling material after wetting or during use in the humid conditions.

(2) However, it practically cannot be affected by the humidity (in some cases the corrosion can appear on separate parts).

(3) Standard plasterboard tiles are hydrophilic and deform after getting wet. When this occurs, all such ceiling area needs to be changed, plastered and painted. Non watertight. It is not protected from fungi and mold.

(4) Except a wide range of colors, we offer the possibility of the photographic quality image printing on the ceiling surface that can include imitation of different  textures, which creates large design possibilities.

(5)  Varied textures are available.

(6)  Depends on the desired range of colors and on the possibility to mix colors to obtain the desired shade.


The price needs to be mentioned separately. In the Czech Republic the average cost of plasterboard ceiling installation, including material purchase and installation is 650 CZK/m2. Additionally, there are painting expenses which amount to 100 CZK/m2 on average. During the next 10 years the ceiling has to be painted 1-3 times. Also, one shouldn’t forget the statistical fact that not all the plasterboard ceilings will survive during all the technical life-period term, because of flooding or wetting. And not to mention the amount of time and effort spent, big amount of dust, dirt and construction rubbish created that appear during the plaster board ceiling fixing and installation process. The average price of “109” stretched ceiling is equal to plaster board ceiling at the moment of the plasterboard ceiling creation.

In order to evaluate all the financial benefits for your commercial or family budget,in case you choose the 109 brand ceilings, please have a look at the costs breakdown below:

Plaster board ceilings:

750 CZK/m2 is the average price for the complete plasterboard ceiling creation

10 years is technical life cycle of aplasterboard ceiling

25% is the flooding/wetting possibility over the 10 years, or the possibility of low quality installation( so the average real lifetime of the plasterboard ceiling is 7,5 years)

100 CZK/m2 is the average price for the plasterboard painting. At least one more painting will be required within 10 years.

109 stretch ceilings:

750 CZK/m2 is the average price of the 109 stretched ceiling – a single-time investment during all the lifetime of the ceiling.

20 years is the average lifetime of the stretch ceiling. Factual stretched ceilings lifetime can be up to 50 years.

Based on the mentioned above data we can calculate the real value of both ceiling variants per year and per m2:

Plasterboard ceiling: (750+100)/10=85 CZK/m2/year; taking into account the possibility of beforetime ceiling deterioration: 850/7,5=113CZK/m2/year.

109 stretch ceilings: 750/20=37,5CZK/m2/year.

The very basic more than a double  financial benefit (37,5 vs 85 CZK/year or 113% difference)is achieved. The overall factual benefit can in some cases be over 250%!

And as for the appearance, it is important to mention that the design possibilities of the plasterboard are much smaller comparing to the “109” stretched ceilings. It can be only flat and quite restricted when it comes to the creation of multilevel geometrical shapes. Stretch ceilings may be multilevel (and may even be combined with the plasterboard ones), with their help one can create the most complicated geometrical figures and choose between a great variety of colors and textures. It is also true that the plasterboard ceiling will never look as smooth and elegant, as the stretch ceiling, especially stretch ceiling of “109” brand.

Also, our clients can choose the image that they would like to have on the ceiling not only from our catalogue,they are free to use their own picture. Also, the client can receive the ceiling with regulated illumination and color adjustment, as well as with the blinking starry night sky or the true artistic masterpieces, where the image is combined with the optic fiber and Swarovski crystal works.

“109” company with its European representative office “109 Europe s.r.o.” is ready to make your dreams come true.